Coming Soon... Book 2 - Theodore's Falcon
Coming Soon... Book 2 - Theodore's Falcon

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The Holiday Season is behind us and we are entering a New Year!
Theodore wants to THANK you ALL for  immersing yourselves in
the story of his familys' Holiday experience!

Watch for the animated teaser from Theodore!

Looking forward to a beautiful Spring and Summer!

Follow the continuing life adventures of Theodore!
These exciting stories relate the adventures of Theodore,
and the wonderful lessons he learns from them!

Book 1:
Theodore's Plate
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A portion of all sales will go to support Stories That Bind UsTM,
a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of our
Stories, both old and new...

History and Literature must live on to inspire...

The Foundation will additionally support other organizations
which support Writers, Artists and other Creatives...

Look for the upcoming 30 minute animated
Christmas Special!

Join Theodore and his wonderful family! Even though they do not have a lot, they know how to love!

They always try to be joyous and happy, even when they have so little...

Mother and Father taught their family well and they love telling all of their friends about the wonderful things they learn everyday!

About the Author

Stephen Wade Nebgen, a single father of two and entertainment attorney, created THEODORE'S PLATE for his two children and his beloved late wife, Jill.
As a producer, director and writer; Mr. Nebgen has numerous credits in film, theatre and television, and has been a theatrical producer for nearly 40 years. But his greatest labor of love for his children and late wife is THEODORE'S PLATE.

Stephen Wade Nebgen

About the Illustrator

Jonathan Fitzgibbons has been working as a contract 3D artist/game designer since 2017.
Outside of his main profession, he enjoys pursuing a wide variety of activities ranging from animation to improvisational comedy . Theodore’s Plate is his first foray into book illustrations, and he looks forward to contributing his artwork in future literary works.

Jonathan Fitzgibbons

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